War in Ukraine, new evidence from IPCC, urgency to address broader nature degradation.

How to explore how to further accelerate action towards tackling climate change.

Climate Startups: Innovating our path to a Net Zero economy
Wednesday, June 8th, 2022

Creating a Net Zero economy requires rethinking our products, services, operations, etc from scratch. In this context, entrepreneurship emerges as a powerful source of solutions to fight climate change and overcome diverse environmental challenges. In this session we will discuss with our speakers about the main trends in climate entrepreneurship nowadays. We will also explore the necessary conditions for climate-related innovation to prosper and for scaling successful solutions.

Speakers: Goulnara Aguiar (CEO & Founder at ORMEX) and Javier Manzanares (CEO of the Green Climate Fund).
Moderator: Concepción Galdón (IE Business School)

Latest IPCC report and Climate Leadership
Friday, June 17th, 2022

Even though we have known about global warming for more than three decades, our mitigation and adaptation efforts have so far proven grossly inadequate, to put it mildly. In its latest report, the IPCC now predicts the global average surface temperature will increase by 3 degrees Celsius this century, with disastrous consequences for life on earth as we know it.
In response to these dire predictions, policymakers around the world will enact new regulation to combat climate change which will affect all businesses – no matter their industry or business location.

Speakers: Knut Haanaes (The International Institute for Management Development – IMD), Kamiar Mohaddes (Cambridge Judge Business School), Marya Besharov (Oxford Saïd Business School)